WWII TCG - World War 2: The Card Game Review

WWII TCG - World War 2: The Card Game is an application developed by FrozenShard Games. WWII TCG - World War 2: The Card Game was first published on . WWII TCG - World War 2: The Card Game is available on the following platforms: Steam, Other.

"World War II: TCG" is a free-to-play collectible card game based on the events of World War II. Create your own Army Decks with Tanks, Infantry or Aircrafts and increase your firepower with powerful weapons and strategic orders!


  • Single player fictional campaign (more than 500 missions)
  • Ranked & Friendly PvP Mode
  • Craft
  • Cooperative Raids (up to 15 members)
  • Deck builder
  • 5 Factions and over 900 cards
  • Strategic and dynamic gameplay
  • Become the ultimate General!

World War II: TCG has a single player mode consists of 200 WW2 missions starting as a soldier and progressing through different battlefields and distributed in 20 campaigns based on historical military events from World War II.

There are three major types of cards in World War II TCG – Units, Items and Orders. Every card is based on historical World War 2 units and weapons (e.g.: Japanese A6M Zero plane, Fighting First Division, Tiger…)

The resource system is different from other card games, and can be similar to a wargame, you have 3 action points that you can use to play cards. This mechanic gives a wargame atmosphere and creates different layers of strategy where you have plenty options from turn one.

One of the mechanics of WWII: TCG is promoting units. You can use your resources to promote the unit to be more powerful, the card starts as a simple soldier and will gain more stats and abilities while promoting.

WWII: TCG has a cross-platform multiplayer online mode where you can fight against other players on the battlefield.
Download this free to play card wargame and enjoy playing against other generals!

  • Fight on Hundreds of Unique Missions!
  • Play on an exclusive battlefield through different campaigns!
  • Craft real World War II Units
  • Play cooperative raids with your teammates
  • Build your own army decks from World War II units
  • As a soldier play online against other enemies or practice vs friends!
  • The historical strategic card wargame!

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