The Panic Room Review

The Panic Room is an application designed by GameXP.com. The Panic Room was first published on . The Panic Room is accessible on Steam, Other.

You awake in the dark and mysterious mansion. How did you get here? What to do next? Where is the way to escape? Only one person knows all the answers. The guy who enclosed you and several other people here. This psycho calls himself a Puppeteer, and he wants you to play his evil game. The winner will get freedom. But what sacrifice would you make to return home?
“The Panic Room: House of Secrets” is a "hidden object" game. Moving through the old mansion, you'll have to solve a lot of puzzles. Only in the end of your way you can really understand the true price of freedom.

Main features

  • Over 2000 story-driven quests
  • 2 alternative storylines presented in the best traditions of Agatha Christie’s fiction
  • 23 unique characters with their own unique stories
  • 17 highly detailed locations to explore, 9 game modes to master, an infinite number of mysteries to unveil
  • 5 seasons of engaging narrative in ultimate hidden object experience already appraised by millions of gamers worldwide

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